Monday, September 6, 2010


Mine on Monday... the good bye summer edition. I am going to be honest here and say I am just not ready for this summer to end. Not ready for back to school. Not ready for soccer, gymnastics, ice skating, CCD, etc, etc, etc. Not ready to say good bye to lazy summer days at the beach, just me and my girls. It honestly feels like just yesterday it was July and the entire summer awaited us.

Maybe it is because my girls are older now. With diapers and sleepless nights behind us, our days together are less work and more FUN. But they are also flying by in a way I did not expect. I just want to stop time and savor these days... the sunshine, the laughter, the goofy grins, the messy faces, the late bedtimes followed by lazy mornings.

So today some random, technically imperfect shots of my most favorite girls that say "summer" to me...


mariqia said...

Love the shots and was wondering if you used actions for this? Love it..

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